Introducing Hawaiki Nui

We connect countries across the Pacific ocean by providing future-proof capacity and direct access between major markets.

Translated as ‘The Great Hawaiki’ in Polynesian, Hawaiki Nui is a new fibre optic cable linking Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and the US West Coast.

Coupled with the existing Hawaiki cable, Hawaiki Nui will offer unparalleled connectivity and diversity to customers operating in the Asia-Pacific region.


Hawaiki Nui is a 26,000 km submarine cable connecting Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, with development launched in November 2021.

With 240 Tbps design capacity, Hawaiki Nui will be the largest Spatial Division Multiplexing (SDM) cable in the South Pacific region. It will:

  • Interconnect South-East Asia, Australasia and North America
  • Provide end-to-end connectivity between the 3 main hubs of the Pacific region: Singapore, Sydney and Los Angeles.

Construction is due to start in 2024, with an expected cable ready for service (RFS) date in 2027.

Capacity Solutions

Hawaiki Nui is an all-in-one submarine cable infrastructure with multiple international and domestic routes embedded in the same system.

Hawaiki Nui will deliver greater connectivity ‑ including diverse paths and competitive pricing ‑ to and from the following countries:

  • Singapore: Hawaiki Nui will connect Singapore to its neighbouring countries, including Indonesia and Australia, as well as to the US West coast, with POP-to-POP capacity to Los Angeles.
  • Indonesia: with landings planned in Jakarta and Batam, Hawaiki Nui will be the first subsea cable to deliver Indonesia triple connectivity to Singapore, Australia and the US.
  • Australia: Hawaiki Nui will serve both international and domestic capacity requirements, linking Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin, while providing them with direct access to Singapore and Los Angeles.
  • United States: Hawaiki Nui will land in both Hawaii and California, enabling full redundancy with the existing Hawaiki cable.
Hawaiki Nui
Hawaiki Nui