Our Values

BW Digital’s employees are at the heart of our mission to “bring greater connectivity across the Pacific and beyond”.

Thanks to our focus on

  • Diversity
  • Life-balance
  • People growth
  • Service excellence

We want to offer our team a culture of innovation, collaboration, high performance and people centricity.

BW Digital strives to create an environment where each team member is an active and responsible participant in the common goal achievement, each working to strengthen the quality of our service and the supplier/customer relationship.

As an innovative and ambitious business, BW Digital’s strategy is focused on the rapid and collaborative development of its network capability, product offerings, and customer support for the long-term benefit of all.

To achieve this goal BW Digital has assembled and maintains a close-knit team of dedicated employees and established solid open relationships with our partners.

Why should I work at BW Digital?

Fulfil my personal ambition


We want you to bring your various viewpoints to the table to develop our group’s thinking and look at fresh approaches. We will invest in you from day one by providing opportunities for personal and professional learning and development that will help both you and BW Digital achieve our business goals together.

Work environment


You will work in an encouraging environment where your coworkers will support you in doing your best work. You will be able to thrive in a healthy and caring atmosphere within a dynamic team. You’ll thrive with us if you believe in working with colleagues in a way that is innovative, collaborative, ambitious, reliable. These core values matter to us, they guide our actions and decisions.



Being an important player in the Telecom infrastructure landscape, we firmly believe that we have responsibilities. We’re making investments in cutting-edge technology, such as carbon-neutral datacentre. People like you who desire to change the world are essential for a sustainable future.

Diversity and inclusion


A culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging is something that BW Digital is dedicated to fostering and upholding. We want each of our workers to feel motivated, appreciated and satisfied at work. Age, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability/disability, background, and other traits that make our personnel distinctive are all things we value. Our corporate culture is the combination of all our unique peculiarities. We encourage varied thinking, ideas, and viewpoints to ensure that employees can be themselves at work.

Our Locations

United States

BW Digital’s representative is based in Austin, TX.
Current Openings

There are currently no positions open, please check back soon.

New Zealand

BW Digital is headquartered in Auckland.
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BW Digital’s office is located in the heart of Sydney CBD.
Current Openings

There are currently no positions open, please check back soon.

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